The Philosophy

The affordable gourmet that fills the heart and tummy.

The “affordable gourmet” for everyone, served in a nineteenth century Villa overlooking the sea.

Vitalized by continuous technical and artistic research, this creative cuisine finds its foundations on tradition and first class Ligurian produce. A meat and fish cuisine that tends to distinguish itslef, while indulging and delighting the palates and varied preferences of its customers.

A freshly prepared cuisine that wants to surprise and be remembered, yet also "fill the tummies" and be "affordable." 'This is the philosophy that guides the work and cuisine of Chef Macri.

But also… The welcome, the smiles, the attention, the kindness, the “pampered” feeling as if you were “at home”, this is the warm and unique atmosphere at Villa Porticciolo, a magical place where charm and tradition make sure every customer feels “unique”!

The Dishes

Poetry for the eyes and ecstasy of taste

Each dish is an artistic reflection of the chef, the reinterpretation of a traditional recipe presented with care and a strong aesthetic sense.

All the ingredients, chosen among the excellences of the area, mainly locally produced, are skillfully and lovingly prepared so that our customers will remember a “one of a kind” taste experience. The low temperature and vacuum cooking techniques allow to enhance the original flavors and maintain the tenderness of the food.

The Wines

The Perfect glass

Our wine list is based on local products, mainly from Liguria, other italian regions, and distinguished labels. The extensive wine cellar allows for creating the perfect match with our dishes, meeting every customer’s palate and budget demand.

The wine “by the glass” blends perfectly with the restaurant philosophy: a cuddle for the customer, who advised by the sommelier can change wine type with each course.

The Cocktails

Pleasure notes from the aperitif to the after dinner drink.

At Villa Porticciolo, thanks to the exceptional bartender you discover a new concept of drinking cocktails.

Original recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks using gelato, spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, selected products, and niche brands.

A continuous search for new consistencies, blends, and products to offer before, during, and after dinner, to be paired with the different courses.


Chef, assistant cook , pastry chef, bartender maitre d’ and waiters : a well knit team that works in synergy in order to give the customers a 360’ experience, from aperitif to dessert.

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Terrace overlooking the sea

Ample Parking

Disability Access

Spacius outdoor areas

We accept credit and debit cards

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